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Welcome to Writers Capital Foundation

Writers Capital Foundation is an ISO-certified international non-profit, non-political, and non-religious literary organisation listed under the United Nations’ Civil Societies, catering to writers and creators worldwide.

The foundation’s primary goal is to unite writers and individuals involved in creative expression under a singular umbrella, facilitating the sharing of experiences, expertise, and mutual inspiration. We strive to offer writers and artists an exceptional platform for expressing their vibrant creativity.

Our organization champions creative minds globally and is committed to nurturing qualities that ensure their holistic development, enabling them to leave a meaningful imprint on the world.

We recognise our paramount responsibility to contribute to social causes, striving to reinforce universal values that benefit the entirety of humanity. Through literature and art, we strive to weave a tapestry of understanding, where diverse lives coexist harmoniously, embracing perennial values that resonate across the cosmos.



Dear Friends,

We’re delighted to welcome you to Writers Capital International Foundation—a space where creativity, compassion, and shared vision thrive. In our journey together, we embrace the richness of literature, art, and a steadfast commitment to global harmony.

Amidst the complexities of our time, our mission is to foster a global community where literature, art, and unwavering dedication converge for positive change. Through literary and artistic expressions, we strive to bridge cultures, transcend boundaries, and inspire a collective commitment to global harmony.

In envisioning the future, we aspire to a world where creativity flourishes, compassion knows no borders, and our shared dedication shapes a future of boundless possibilities. Our core values lie in the transformative power of human connection, embracing diversity, and fostering a sense of shared responsibility for a better world.

Writers Capital International Foundation is more than an organization; it’s a community heartbeat. Join us on this enriching journey, contribute your unique voice, and help craft a world where literature, art, and timeless human values come together to inspire.

In service of humanity,

Preeth Padmanabhan Nambiar
Founder & CEO, Writers Capital International Foundation
Founder & CEO, Writers International Edition
Chairman, Panorama International Arts & Literature Festival



Writers Capital is a haven for creators. The festivals are a celebration of diverse voices, weaving a tapestry of shared dreams.

Silla Maria Campanini

Artist & Poet, Italy

A beacon of literary excellence and a force for positive change. Writers Capital’s commitment to education and social causes is commendable.

Dr. Janatha Ramanathan

Author, Educationist & Research Guide, India

Writers Capital gave me more than a platform; it gave me a family. Their support nurtures creativity and fosters a community that believes in the power of storytelling.

Georgina Tsismalidou

Emerging Writer, Greece

Attending PILF was a transformative experience. The unique blend of literature, culture, and scenic locations creates an unparalleled atmosphere.

Kari Krenn

Author & Dancer, Festival Awardee, Argentina

Writers Capital’s environmental initiatives resonate deeply. Their advocacy for sustainable living and protection of nature aligns seamlessly with their literary pursuits.

Jim R. Forsythe

Author, USA

A foundation that transcends boundaries, Writers Capital’s impact on the global literary scene is nothing short of awe-inspiring. Proud to be a part of this literary family!

Filippo Papa

Artist Innovator, Italy


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PILF 2024 Awards Celebrate Literary Excellence

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